Mega Micro Consulting, the company, has been in business since 2004.  The owner, Scot Haberman, decided to ditch the corporate "9-to-5" world and break out on his own after working for the coporate world for over 15 years.  Many have speculated in the past about why he took this drastic change after working in the corporate world for such a long time but most rumors are false.

In the beginning, the company was strictly consulting for, you guessed it, large corporate companies.  If you needed help with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, .Net applications and solutions, and most anything in-between, we were there to lend a hand.  We got tired of the large corporate scene (ok, the lack of one-on-one, never ending meetings, red tape - you name it).  This got old very fast so we changed the focus of the company from "renting" out our knowledge to large companies and switched to helping out small and mid-sized businesses get setup on the internet.  This change was most rewarding and we have never looked back.

Content management system using JoomlaWith a very deep background in both knowledge management / collaboration technologies and web development, we focused our strengths on developing and implementing Content Management Systems (some of the more common ones are Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress).  Now CMS sounds complicated (and very corporate) but in layman's English, CMS is nothing more than a web site that allows the customer (you) to manage their website content very easily.

One of the biggest scams we used to see by website development companies was around maintaining website content.  The customer would get a rather inexpensive website but pay a premium to get the content updated.  Why?  The initial developers made it too difficult to update so you would have to hire the consultant/web developer to make all the changes.  Great for the consultant/web developer (we make more money) but bad for the customer (you spend more money).  CMS has changed all that.  Now the customer can easily modify their website with nothing more than a simple web browser.

CMS also has a another side benefit.  Everyone knows that getting a good ranking on any search engine is desirable.  Yes, we know that there are a lot of companies out there promising you a top 10 ranking (these are bogus) but the one most important fact in getting a good search engine ranking is content.  You NEED really good content.  And on top of that, the content needs to be "fresh" which means you need to have a way to update your existing content and add new content very easily.  There are a few other tricks to getting good rankings but the #1 most important fact is to have good, informative content.  The one fact that has never changed with SEO is that CONTENT IS KING!  Our goal is to allow the customer to have complete control over their web site content with a very intuitive and simple web browser based interface.

Do not misunderstand, we can still maintain the content for you but it is NOT a requirement.  If you want to pay us to update your information, we will be happy to do so but now it is YOUR choice.

The other goal for our company (besides letting the customer control their content) is to provide an inexpensive alternative.  Many folks do not understand or want to understand all the details to getting a website up and running.  And why should you?  When running your company, you should focus on what your company does and not how to get it plugged into the digital world.  We started this company as a low cost alternative to many of the pricey companies out there.  Our focus is to create websites that are simple, easy to navigate, and very informative.  We do not add all the fancy dancing graphics and we may not integrate the latest "cool" tool unless it provides benefit to your website.  We believe in K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).  If you sit back and think about it, most websites are information portals.  Most folks visit websites for two reasons:

  • They want to purchase something
  • They want to learn something

With those two goals, we try to make it simple to do one or both of those things.  We also try to accomplish those goals at a reasonable cost.  For example, we could completely design a brand new one-of-a-kind custom design for your website.  This can get quite expensive very quickly.  A lot of time goes into the overall design of the website, custom graphics, layouts, and the like.  Instead, we would rather focus on getting you a well laid out website using the latest technologies but not having to re-invent the wheel.  Why pay all that money for something that in less than two years, will need to be done all over again.  Yes, most site designs have a shelf life of around two years.  Astonishing isn't it.  Part of this short life span is technology (things are changing at an alarming rate) but more frequently, folks just want something new.  In any case, we emphasize getting your site up and running quickly and inexpensively vs. trying to get written up in the latest Web Trend magazine for the coolest site on the block.  Remember, it is not the cool design of your website that gets good Google rankings or the snazzy graphics that keeps customers coming back, it is the content on your site and that should be where you spend most of your time and money.

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