We get this question of lot.  Well not really a question but a statement.  Most people think that since they are paying a hosting provider a fee to host their site that they also back it up.  Most hosting providers do backup your site but not on a schedule you might like.  Some may do it frequently while others may do it weekly or longer and even others rely on you to issue a backup.  

In any case, the best bet is to install an automated backup system setup to backup when you like or more importantly, the frequency should be based on how often your content changes.  Backups are important to three reasons:

  • In case something happens to your website (hosting provider burns down), you have a copy
  • You accidentally delete some very important information and you need it back

Yes, these can all happen.  If you do not have a valid backup, it is going to cost you a lot of money and time to get the site backup and running.

One other issue about backups is that most providers backup your data but really not is some usable format.  They will backup your files but what about your databases.  If you do not keep them in sync with your site, you have another nightmare on your hands.

When we develop a site, we ALWAYS ask if you want a backup routine and we will more than happy to set one up for you.  With the backups we use, we can usually get your site back up and running JUST LIKE IT WAS in less than 1 hour (this really depends on the size of your site).  This is offered in our Silver Monthly service.

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