Do I need to protect my site from hackers?

In short, YES.  Nobody wants to get hacked.  It takes time and money to get the site back to normal.  Most hosting providers do a fair job in keeping hackers away but a lot of the responsibility relies on you and your developer.  In most cases, a poor password is to blame OR a security vulnerability was found and exploited. 

First thing you should do is use a very GOOD password.  Using your sons name or something related to you is a very poor idea.  You should include capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and a punctuation sign.  It should be at least 8 characters - no less.  This is the first step is keeping hackers at bay.

Second, you should keep ALL your website software up-to-date.  Most software will release periodic patches or updates.  In some cases they are releasing new functionality.  But usually they are also fixing a security vulnerability.  There are too many sites where updates are not being performed.  It is giving a hacker an invitation to your site.  This is offered in our Bronze Monthly service.

Third, implement some type of hacker prevention software. It should constantly monitor your site - 24/7.  This is offered in our Bronze and Gold Monthly service.  The Gold hacker prevention service is top notch and constatly monitors your site for any type of intrusion.  The Bronze service is still an excellent tool but is not as robust as the Gold service.  We cannot stress this enough - you need to have this type of product installed.  For example, on one website we maintain, it is probed by hackers at least 15 times a day.

Fourth, keep a backup of your website.  If the site changes a frequently, you should be taking backups on a daily basis.  This is offered in our Silver Monthly service.

Keep in mind that if the site is your business, you should do everything you can to prevent it from having issues.  The first three steps can prevent most problems and the fourth gives you an out if the entire site has been corrupted.


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