7 Essentials for Computer Security

Listed are the "must-have" tools and actions to take today to protect your computer from hacking, viruses, and black-masked thieves.  

Industry leaders say the top three security threats today are Spyware, Viruses and Phishing. You need to be protected.

Use AntiVirus Software

Installing basic antivirus protections should be your first move.  Today's packages do more than just protect the basics virus attacks.  Most also ward off attacks from malware, spyware, rootkits, etc.  There are many capable applications that you can purchase and some free ones.  Just ask us for more details.

Rely on Anti-Spam Protection

Spam is more than a nuisance but a major avenue for security breaches.  Stop spam outright to avoid these risks.  Most major e-mail applications now offer anti-spam services for free (along with some ISP's and Web based email servers).  Turn these ON.  Most folks are worried about false positives.  If so, try a third party application which gives you more control over spam flagging.

Keep your Firewall Active

A firewall is simply a barrier between you and the rest of the world.  It prevents unwanted traffic - mostly folks who troll random computers looking for a security breach.  Without a firewall, you are most likely to be attacked.

Take Anti-Phishing Measures

Phishing is a phony website designed by scam artists who try to get you to give up your personal information.  Most modern browsers today can help you prevent phishing attacks.  Upgrade to the latest versions of your browsers and turn this option on.

Turn to Anti-Spyware Tools

If a malware application happens to get past your defenses and your antivirus software cannot clean it, turn to more specialized spyware defense tools.  There are many free anti-spyware tools available that are capable of cleaning up the mess.

Protect Against Theft

Software will not help you against theft.

One estimate says that 5 percent of all laptops are stolen in the first year of purchase.

Follow these tips:

  • Never leave it unattended
  • Don't lock it in your car where it can be seen
  • Invest in a cable lock to secure it to your desk
  • Consider a computer theft recovery service

Back Up Your Data

Back up early and often.  How?  Many different way such as buying an inexpensive external hard drive or using an online backup service.  There are a lot of options available today.  Just remember to backup your data.

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