Recent Post by Others - Facebook Timeline

With the new timeline feature of Facebook, there are four new blocks under the cover photo and apps on the right hand side of the page: Friends, Recent Post by Others, Recommendations, and Likes.  This article will show what you can do with the Recent Post by Others block.  

One of the main things I like about Facebook is that people can post on your page.  Before Timeline took over, other posts would automatically display in chronological order on your page.  Now, these types of posts and comments are now hidden in the Recent Post by Others block.

Now there is nothing wrong with that except that some of these posts may be very important to you and others but seem to get lost in shuffle UNLESS you are explicitly looking for it.  Many customers I have spoken with think this new feature is ok but for important posts, the Facebook page owner actually copies the original post and then repost it so it will display in the actual timeline allowing you the ability to make it more prominent.

Here is a great tip that will allow you the ability to prominently display ANY post made by other users.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your timeline page (in most cases, just click on your name in the upper right hand corner).
  2. On the Recent Post by Users block, hover your mouse over the post you want to change.  You will see the "X" icon appear when you hover.  Click on that X.  No, it will not delete the post (which is what most people think) but actually open the Edit menu.
  3. From this menu, you do have the option to delete the post but also can leave it as is (Default), Highlight on Page, Allow on Page, of Hide from Page.  The options we are most interested in are the Highlight and Allow.
  4. Select the Allow on Page option.  Once selected, you will notice that the original post also displays on your timeline.  If the post is really important, you can select the Highlight on Page which will also display the post on the timeline but mark it as highlighted.

As you can see, this hidden gem will hopefully save you some time since you no longer need to copy/paste user posts but also allow you showcase posts that you and your customers may find quite useful.

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