Delete Web Profiles/Properties

Google Analytics is quite a powerful tool for websites.  If you are like me, I need to keep track of a LOT of websites and as time passes, some websites fade away.  In my case, I had a lot of web properties (websites) that I was tracking and needed to clean them up.  Creating the web properties was easy but HOW do I get rid of them.

One thing that is not very intuitive while using Google Analytics is how to remove a property. Lets say that you setup a property for the website You no longer need to track it so you want to remove it. How? There does not seem to be any Delete or Remove function. It is easy to create a new web property or profile but not how to get rid of them.

The process is actually quite simple - remove all the profiles and the web property gets deleted as well. Remember, once a profile is deleted, all data associated with that profile is also deleted.

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