Random Menu Links Re-Ordering

After migrating a site from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5, it seems that the menus have a mind of their own - Randomly Re-ordering.  Learn how to fix this problem.

It is quite frustrating.  You have migrated a site from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5.  Everything is looking great and then you make one minor change and all your menus have decided to re-order themselves.  No, it is not a gremlin but a minor bug in the database.

The problem is that one column of data in the _menu table has values OTHER than 0.  It is really a simple fix.  First, login to yoru database (in many cases, you will be using phpMyAdmin).  Open up the _menu table.  Look for a column called "ordering".  Are there values other than "0" present?  If so, these need to be reset to 0.

You can manually edit each entry and reset the value to zero but if you have a lot of menus, it is faster to run a SQL command.  In the SQL Query box, run the following query:

update jos_menu set ordering = 0

Make sure that you change the table prefex (in this example it is called jos_) to YOUR table prefex and then run the command.  Now check the value of the "ordering" column again.  If they are all 0, you have fixed the problem.

Now just go back into the Joomla Administrator and fix the order of your menus to the correct sequence.  This should be the last time you need to do this.

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