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Wildlife Control Specialists

Wildlife Control Specialists

This company specializes in humane and environmentally friendly removal of a various number of pests.  This customer actually has a suite of 4 sites originally written in Joomla 1.5.

Here are the links to their current sites:


One of the sites uses a custom template while the other 3 use a variant of a common Joomla template.  The common template required a bit or re-work but nothing to outrageous.

All of these sites were migrated over to Joomla 2.5 including the custom template (which required quite a bit of re-work but the customer was adamant about keeping it AS-IS).  The customer originally contacted us due to a lockout issue when trying to login to the backend of their site.  After a quick review, we were able to unlock their site and remove all the hacking issues we encountered.  At our suggestion, the customer migrated over to latest version of Joomla.

All the sites were built using the Joomla platform including PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS modifications.

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